Boat Theory Course in Sydney NSW

This course is a rare one for us at the Australian Boating College Sydney, but we sometimes have students approach us who have done their Practical Boating Experience logbook in their own time, but would like help with studying for the Boating Test.

It's a major component of our standard General Boat Licence Course, but in some circumstances it's a very flexible option that can fill in the requirements for a full NSW Boat Licence.

What is the Boat Theory Course needed for?

The two main components of competency for a Boat Licence are practical experience, and knowledge of the boating rules and laws that is demonstrated through the NSW Boat Licence Knowledge Test.

You must display this knowledge in 100% of Recreational Boat Licence applications, and there are no exemptions for pre-existing commercial knowledge.

Roads and Maritime Services set a high bar so that we can all be safe out on the water.

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Boat Theory Course

Our courses are so good that we'll let our customers speak for us:

"Great course. Instructors were super informative. Highly recommended" Michael Silman, Google Review

Why would I choose this over the full-day course?

There are two main scenarios that people approach us for just the Practical Boating Experience:

I've done my logbook but want help with the theory study

If you have a mate with a boat who meets the RMS practical logbook requirements, you'll still need to know enough to beat the Boating Test.

We at ABC make it easy for you, with our ABC pre-study guide and a course designed to get you qualified in a single day!

I'm concerned about failing the test at the RMS

While it's possible to do the study in your own time and take the test at the RMS, you'll need to pay the test fee for each attempt.

With ABC you get two attempts at the test included in the course on the day, and two more attempts every other day until you pass!

What happens during the Boat Theory Course?

Once you've booked and paid, we'll send you an email confirmation and an SMS/text message the day before the course with a start time and location.

You'll meet us in the classroom of one of our venues, where our ABC Instructors will give you the following knowledge (and more):

Boating Terms, Vessel Registration, Safety Equipment

We start at the most obvious point of learning - covering basic boating terms such as port, starboard, hull, keel, plane and stern.

There are also pitfalls that most people don't consider out on the water, that can land you with a big fine if you're caught!

Ensuring you have the proper knowledge of safety equipment also means you'll be prepared when in control of your own vessel.

Collision Regulations, Meaning of Vessel Lights, Anchoring

Collisions and other incidents are a real problem out on the water, and the Centre for Maritime Safety published the three most common fatal boating incident types from 2008-2018.

These fatal incidents are capsizing, falling overboard, and injuries sustained while towing.

We'll teach you how to avoid these in full sun or at night, by observing the red, green and white vessel lights and by anchoring safely out of the way.

Trip Planning, Emergency Response, Launching and Mooring

It sounds straightforward, but ensuring you've got everything shipshape is important with any trip out on the water.

You'll be better prepared to respond to emergencies, and have everything you need when leaving and returning from your trip.

Charts, Coastal Bars, Water Marks, Tides

Modern vessels carry GPS units that in most cases reduce the need for charts, but in equipment failure or on vessels without GPS, it's essential to know how to properly read a Hydrographic Chart.

It's also important to know what the colourful markers mean in the waterways, as it could be the difference between safety and damage to vessel or passenger.

Most people won't ever cross a Coastal Bar, but it's one of the riskier obstacles on the water and not the faint of heart - we'll teach you how to approach them.

How do I book for a Boat Theory Course?

The quickest way is to browse our standard Boat Licence Course Booking System and look for a course date that suits you.

Once you've found one, just get in touch with us via the enquiry form or call, and we'll book you in.

When you're done with the course we'll give you a form that proves you've completed the theory training and Boat Test required for your NSW Boat Licence.

You can use this in combination with proof of practical boating experience to get your Licence from the RMS.

How much does the theory course cost?

(Effective from December 1, 2023)

4 Hour Theory Only $260.00 each

Licence processing fees are charged separately, and can be seen on the fees page over at the Roads & Maritime Services.

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Boat Theory Course!

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