Jet Ski/PWC Licence Upgrade Course in Sydney NSW

This course is intended for students who already have a valid NSW General Boating Licence - if you need the Boat Licence you can do our combined Boat & Jet Ski/PWC Licence Course.

It's a short, two-hour course that will get you qualified for your Jet Ski/PWC Licence quick.

What's involved in Upgrading to a PWC Licence?

All the steps to upgrading your Licence are included in our course:

  • Know all relevant PWC Rules
  • Pass the Multiple-Choice PWC Knowledge Test
  • Lodge your paperwork at the RMS
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Jet Ski Licence Course

Our courses are so good that we'll let our customers speak for us:

"Me and my father completed the course together the instructors
were great and helped you when needed would highly recommend" Brendon Lee, Facebook Review

When is a Jet Ski/PWC Licence Needed?

You'll need a Jet Ski/PWC Licence to ride any vessel that you sit or stand on, while a boat licence is required for vessels you sit inside of (such as a boat).

This Licence covers PWC vessels that seat one to four riders, in a recreational capacity, at any speeds that the vessel can attain.

If you don't need this type of Licence you can check out our standard General Boating Licence Course.

What do I need to study for the PWC Rules?

Once you've booked into our course we'll email you the ABC pre-study guide, and it only takes 20 minutes to read over the PWC knowledge section.

This gives you a head start on the PWC Rules, which we'll reinforce once you meet us at the classroom.

We'll make sure to point out all the important rules that can help you avoid a costly fine while jetting around Sydney's waterways.

Is the PWC Knowledge Test Hard?

As you've already done study before your course and minutes before sitting the exam, it's very easy to pass on the day of your course.

If you don't pass during the first two attempts at the test, you can come back on any other course date and have another go - at no additional cost!

PWC Licence Upgrade

Do I have to get wet for my PWC Licence?

No, there is no need to get out on the water on a Jet Ski as part of our course, as the RMS only requires theoretical knowledge.

If you want to get out on the water with ABC or practice any boating manoeuvres, please feel free to look at our personalised custom boating lessons to get expert hands-on training today.

Take your paperwork to the RMS

When you've finished your Jet Ski/PWC Licence Upgrade Course you can take the completed form to any RMS/Services NSW branch.

Just select "Maritime" on the touchscreen for a numbered ticket, give them your form when called, pay the licence fee, and get your newly upgraded Licence on the spot!

Can a Junior Upgrade to a Boat & Jet Ski/PWC Licence?

So long as the junior is aged between 12-16, they can lodge their application form at the RMS and receive an upgraded Boat & PWC Licence.

The RMS website states that a Boat & PWC Licence holder between 12 and 16 must not:

  • Drive a PWC between sunset and sunrise (this rule applies to all PWC driving licence holders)
  • Drive a PWC at a speed of 10 knots or more:
    • Without the holder of a PWC driving licence who is 16 years of age or older being present on the PWC, or
    • While the vessel is towing anyone.

If you'd like to read more about the restrictions please refer to the RMS.

How much does a PWC Upgrade cost?

(Effective from December 1, 2023)

PWC Boat Licence Upgrade Theory Only
(must hold a NSW general boat licence)
$200.00 each

Licence processing fees are charged separately, and can be seen on the fees page over at the Roads & Maritime Services.

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