Practical Boating Experience in Sydney NSW

Our Practical Boating Experience Course is endorsed by the RMS through our validation as an RTP, which means we can completely replace the need for doing a practical logbook.

It's a major component of our standard General Boat Licence Course, but in some circumstances it's a very flexible option that can fill in the requirements for a full NSW Boat Licence.

You'll be with us on the water for roughly two hours, where we'll take you through all the proficiencies in a round-robin style where you'll get a turn at handling one of our vessels.

Our Instructors are all experienced in delivering top notch training, and you'll be ship-shape in no time!

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Our courses are so good that we'll let our customers speak for us:

" yet thorough, with good practical training on the water. Definitely recommend" Kim Hildebrand, Facebook Review

What is the Practical Boating Experience needed for?

The two main components of competency for a Boat Licence are Theory Knowledge (which you can do by itself as a Boating Theory and Test Course), and providing evidence of practical boating experience.

It is required in most situations, except for the exemptions listed on the RMS practical boating experience page:

  • Applying for the re-issue of a NSW general or PWC driving licence that has been expired for less than five years
  • Upgrading from a general boat driving to a PWC driving licence
  • Transferring an interstate licence to a NSW equivalent
  • The holder of commercial qualifications.

The RMS wants evidence of past boating experience as proof that you're qualified to be out on Sydney's waterways.

Why would I choose this over the full-day course?

There are two main scenarios that people approach us for just the Practical Boating Experience:

I've done the theory and don't have access to a boat for my logbook

You might have done the study and test in your own time or with a competitor, but aren't able to access a vessel for the logbook.

We make it easy and can take you aboard one of our ABC vessels during our standard courses to get your practical boating evidence from our Instructors.

I don't have the time to do three separate trips

It can be a time-consuming hassle to do three separate trips with a qualified NSW Boat Licence holder.

With ABC we will get you through in a single morning!

What happens during the Practical Boating Experience?

Once you've booked and paid, we'll send you an email confirmation and an SMS/text message the day before the course with a start time and location.

You'll meet one of our ABC Instructors who will take you out aboard one of our three ABC vessels, where we'll cover the following (and more):

Before Launch: Trip preparation and planning

Our Instructors will give you a brief introduction to the vessel, including best practices for servicing and maintenance.

They'll also talk about ensuring safety equipment is on board, and that the vessel is prepared for launch.

We'll also cover trip planning to consider weather, passenger count, and emergency situations.

Low-Speed navigation and collision avoidance

Once we're underway, we'll let you start the motor and throttle up gently with some low-speed manoeuvres.

Man Over-Board Drill

In the rare situation where a passenger were to fall into the water, it's always good to know how to safely get them out again.

For this we've enlisted Bob, our trained and certified safety buoy, who is thrown into the water and it's up to you to get him back safely.

We'll cover lines of sight, safe rescue speeds, communication with other rescuers, and finally the safe return of Bob.

High-Speed navigation and vessel control

The fastest way to get somewhere is to drive at full speed, but boats handle differently when they're up on plane.

We'll teach you how to control the vessel while going over 20 knots, as well as crossing other vessel wash and tight 180? turns.

How do I book for a Practical Boating Experience?

The quickest way is to browse our standard Boat Licence Course Booking System and look for a course date that suits you.

Once you've found one, just get in touch with us via the enquiry form or call, and we'll book you in.

When you're done with the course we'll give you a form that proves you've done all the Practical Boating Experience required for your NSW Boat Licence.

You can use this in combination with proof of theory completion to get your Licence from the RMS.

How much does the practical boat course cost?

(Effective from June 1, 2023)

Practical Only $300.00 ea

Licence processing fees are charged separately, and can be seen on the fees page over at the Roads & Maritime Services.

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