Personalised Custom Boating Lessons in Sydney NSW

Once you've done your Boating Licence there may be specific skills that you'd like to work on, covering topics from trailer handling to mechanical maintenance.

You can book some time with our Pro instructors who will lend you their expertise and years of boating knowledge and get you ship-shape in no time!

Private lessons are flexible and are customised to meet your requirements to ensure you feel comfortable out on the water.

"I can thoroughly recommend ABC boating... I further engaged ABC to help me fine tune my manoeuvring skills in a 32ft cruiser that I own. After 3 hrs I went from a zero out of 10 being absolutely petrified to an 8 out of 10 feeling like I can now do this on my own!" Katrina Prince, Google Review

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Personalised Boat Licence Course

What can you cover during my boating lesson?

Our ABC trainers can work with you to handle any custom maritime request you have for them - these are the ones we do most often:

  • Handling a trailer-mounted vessel and reversing in a straight line down a boat ramp
  • Launching and recovering a vessel from a boat ramp
  • Navigate out of a marina and avoid collisions with moored objects
  • Manoeuvring a vessel in changing conditions such as passing a head, changes in tides
  • Estimating fuel consumption and day trip planning
  • General boat maintenance and seaworthiness

The easiest days to organise personalised boating lessons are midweek on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.

We are able to do your lessons on weekends or other days, however these are subject to trainer availability as they are normally busy days at ABC Sydney.

You can most easily lock in a date if you get in early.

Where do you do the boating lessons?

If you'd like to use an ABC vessel we can travel to any convenient waterway around Sydney to help you with your training needs, so long as there's a boat ramp or other launching point.

Alternatively, many people have their own vessel that they'd like to be more experienced with - if that's the case it's even easier as we just meet you aboard your vessel.

How do I book my boating lessons?

Just use the enquiry form below to get in touch with what you'd like to get out of your lesson.

We'll get in touch during business hours and get you sorted!

How much do the lessons cost?

Private lessons are dependent on the time and vessel you'd like to use as below:

(Effective December 1, 2022)

On Your Own Boat - First Three Hours $595.00
On Your Own Boat - Additional Hours $180.00 per additional hour
On ABC Vessel - First Three Hours $1255.00
On ABC Vessel - Additional Hours $235 per additional hour
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